Project Information: 
The prime primary objectives of green building design is to provide guideline for the construction and building utilization with least possible environmental impact and with efficiently use of energy and water. It also includes , environmental impact mitigation on water, air and waste, and efficiently use of resources. It has been prioritized on toprovideing good health and comfort to building inhabitants where such actions are relevant throughout the whole life cycle of a building starting from location selection, design, construction, utilization, maintenance, modification and demolition. This guideline will continuously strengthen sustainabilityly and environmental friendly development of the nations in enabling providing good quality of life.

Owner: Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, Ministry of Interior, Thailand

Consultant: Consultants of Technology Co., Ltd.

Scope of Services: 
1)  The development of green public buildings assessment criteria and guidelines
2)  Building design improvement works (Green building assessment prototype: Surin City Hall, Office of the Civil Service Commision)
3)  Conduct seminar for knowledge dissemination
4)  Publish green public building assessment handbook

Services Period: April 2018 - February 2019